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Sigur Ros listening parties:

9/7 New York, NY @ NYU’s Kimmel Center
7th floor lounge
60 Washington Square South
12:30-3pm, Open to NYU students only – FREE

9/8 New York, NY @ Seize sur Vingt
Presented by and Filter Magazine
8 to 11 PM, 243 Elizabeth St
rsvp with full name and number of guests to

That’s pretty random. Clothing store has a listening party? …okay! The NYU lounge is a super-comfy place for sleeping. And Sigur Ros listening! Will they give out free stuff? GIMMEH.

I almost forgot that their concerts are coming up soon. Ooh. My brain’s slow. Time for sleep.

Looking at the Brooklyn Vegan Levy post, comments got a little batty. “When Levy fans attack” sounds about right. Chill. Eat some ice cream.

I like reading a music review that doesn’t say the same thing as 100 other reviews. Like Atomic Duster’s one for The Tourniquet:

bq. I don’t think I’ve used the word “woozy” since I was about seven years old, but Magnet have given me the opportunity to do so now, because I feel it perfectly describes the kind of music Even Johansen makes…Nice enough for putting on in the background. Play it to a drunken old tramp though and he’ll feel twice as dizzy and probably end up spewing in your shoes.

They also reviewed On Your Side. “…it’s mellow and…er…nice.” God, that sounds like something I’d write. Wait, that’s not very good…or is it?

Channel 4 has a pleasant chat with Magnet. I’m so easily amused:

bq. What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in a hedge?
A hedgehog!

stuff in nyc

If the NYU Mystery Concert is Arcade Fire, I will…kick someone. I’m sure it’s not. (Last year was The Shins).

The two free KEXP shows I want to go to are full. Okay. Bad luck.

CBGB benefit show in Washington Square Park?

update –> Yup, here’s more info. I’ll check it out for a bit if the area isn’t churning with students and other stuff, but it probably will be.

…It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Hm.

Magnet, mp3s, Levy, links, stuff

Get ready for…RANDOM-NESS!

Magnet was bitten in the eye by a snake! Kinda. If it were actually his eye, he’d probably be in worse condition/blind, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal. If it were a big deal, I’d find it less funny. Translation courtesy of Erik:

A few days before the “Øyafestivalen”, he was at the Lost Weekend festival outside Bergen. After the festival he tripped an fell face to face with a viper/adder that bit him in the eye. That’s why his face looked a little swollen at the Øyafestivalen.


– I looked like I had been in a fight. And in a way I had. I just lost big time, laughs Even.

– I laughed my ass of because it was so special/weird/strange. I’m actually terrified of snakes. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.

It’s bad luck to fall on a viper/adder, but at least it was lucky that I didn’t get bitten in the actual eyeball. He got an antidote at the ER.

– I feel like the chosen one. I have never before heard of anyone that has been bitten in the eye by a viper/adder, så I feel really special. More specia lthan the music has ever made me feel.

MusicOHM has a recent Magnet gig review. It’s a little odd, as it’s seems half not-so-favorable/very favorable, but it’s interesting. If you want to hear “the raw, fulsome growl of a weather-beaten mongrel” (whoa, that’s a new description) in Even’s voice, Libido (Even’s previous alt-rock band) would be a better choice. Same pretty voice, but …different. He shouted more. Listen:

Libido – Supersonic Daydream [removed]

These Doves pimp coat photos made me laugh.

Dan Radcliffe is a hipster?he has a fanclub and sends out newsletters? Wow, I’m behind the times. I’m a moderate Harry Potter fan (by that I mean I’ve read all the books a few times, except for the last one that I’ve read once so far–gimme a break–and I’ve seen all the movies a few times…that’s moderate, right?) but I haven’t followed the lives of any of the actors in the movies. Mm. Well. Yay for music! Should be interesting to see Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway in the new movie, bwahaha.

Everyone loves Levy? …YAY! I don’t think they’re necessarily exciting or original, but a lot of artists I love aren’t exciting or original; I just happen to love them (and I fell in love in Levy after listening to them for about 5 seconds). Maybe I don’t want to be excited. Maybe I just want a fluffy pillow and some ice cream.

I like this song:

Levy – Matthew [removed]

…I like almost every song. Sounds happy. Doesn’t change much throughout. And it’s lovely! I don’t understand the Coldplay comparison, but I guess a lot of things can be compared to Coldplay. They’re like chicken, in the world of meats. (I didn’t mean to compare Coldplay to chicken, but I think I just did.)

Steve Threw Up

bq. Pineapples, mangoes, wild rice, beans
Granola, cheetoes, caramel candy, popcorn
Ice cream, banana, fudge and some corn dogs
And mayonnaise, steak sauce, ketchup and mustard
Garlic, Kool-aid, Spam and some eggrolls

After seeing reading about meaty music, I thought about food-y music overall. I guess Weird Al’s Food Album is an obvious one (“EAAT ITTT, JUST EAT ITTT”) but I also thought of Beck’s “Steve Threw Up”. IT’S FUN, LISTEN:

Beck – Steve Threw Up [removed]

HAHA, VOMIT. Vomit is funny. Unless it’s coming out of you. In which case, it’s not that funny.

Beck at Resfest

Beck’s music videos are really really cool. Really. Yes. Well. Most of them. It’s a wonder why he doesn’t have a DVD of videos out (not counting “Sea Change”) considering this buttload of videos he has.

Aaaaand that’s why you should check out the Beck Music Video Retrospective at this year’s Resfest, so you can bask in Beck music video glory on the big screen. It’s playing in NYC on September 17th at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center. You can buy tickets at ticketweb.

Of Montreal tour dates

Mmm, now I’m interested in seeing Of Montreal. So I take a lookie at their tour dates

And they’re playing at Northsix! On Saturday! On my birthday! AKA “DAY BEFORE MOVING INTO DORM-AGE”.

So I guess I’m staying home to pack, but I’m packing so I can live in NYC …more. But I’m bummed. If I paid more attention, I would’ve organized things so I could go on Saturday night, because that sounds like more fun than packing.


[You are witnessing the thought-processes of my brain in all its uncensored and disturbingly moronic glory.]

Then again, the show seems to have sold out, so that’s good! But still. Damn. I’m slow.

They’re also playing at Knitting Factory on September 15th for CMJ. So that’s another possibility, especially since I have no CMJ things lined up. In the meantime I’m reading about a gazillion people who can’t see everything they want to see. Hm.

Cute music video alert!!!

Of Montreal video

Sometimes you have to say something stupid like “ZOMG!”

…this isn’t really one of those times, but it’s pretty close. Of Montreal‘s video for “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games” (made by Kangaroo Alliance, who need to make more stuff so I can point at it and go “AAHAHHAHA AHAAH” and stuff) is really really cute. Really cute. Like happy things bopping about and bright happy colors and simple shapes and more cute happy things bopping about. If it weren’t a music video, the audio would go something like “ahh!” and “weee!” and dinkly xylophone action. Or something.

At first I wasn’t really into the song even though the video goes very well with it, but now I really like it. Then I listened to more of their songs and THEY’RE ALL CUTE. CUUUTE. Or even…KYOOT. (To me, “kyoot” is like a more extreme version of “cute”.) Even though I’ve heard of Of Montreal, I never listened to them before. Maybe I would’ve paid more attention if their name were Happy Dinkly-Time Bop (wow, I just made…the worst band name ever). Time for me to catch up.

(Looking through my iTunes, I found out I had the song for this music video since…March. MARCH? It just APPEARED there? I’m scared. Or maybe it’s fate. …but I’m still scared.)

I found the video via Chris’ Music Snobbery. From his post, also check out the video for Faithless – Let Go. It’s really funny (or at least I thought so).

Magnet live on XFM

Listen to some new live Magnet songs on XFM.

Live Magnet doesn’t compare to anything else for me, but I’m usually dissatisfied with live recordings. It’s like maybe I happen to see him when everything goes perfectly…or they put something into the air. “The Pacemaker” sounds beautiful live, very different from the studio version, but I think “Hold On” and “Deadlock” lost something in the acoustic versions. I’d probably think differently about the songs if I had actually been there though. 😉

The live version of Where Happiness Lives in minor key is one of my favorite live songs. I don’t know if he plays that version much anymore but I like it more than the original. Here’s one he played on WFMU from November 29, 2001 (a night I remember well because I left my radio on, enduring a crapload of brain curdling punk music to get to Even’s bit, and then I found out it was available online):

Magnet – Where Happiness Lives (WFMU) [removed]

I read Q magazine’s review of The Tourniquet, calling it dull and other stuff. I kind of agreed, if I had to compare it to On Your Side. …but then I listened to The Tourniquet a few times in it entirety and I still love it. Sooo. Hm.

the song I just listened to a million times

…which disturbs me because it’s 8 minutes long and, what do you know, it’s past 4:30 AM…

I Am Ying (link works now!) by Furniture, a beautiful GYBE-type song, the kind that makes you feel…happy. Actually, it’s not really happiness, but it’s not sadness either. If you really like GYBE type stuff, maybe you understand. Another song you can listen to is Please, kinda My Bloody Valentine-ish, dinkly and pretty. Yup.

Furniture is a band from Malaysia (they also have a blog). I’m not familiar with music from that area, although I doubt many people from around here would be. Actually, I’m not familiar with any Asian music, as most of the Asian music I’ve heard is J-pop (not my thing), Chinese pop songs (like American pop songs, but in Chinese), or Korean rap (…oh my god…no, NO). Sad. Help.

Not really related, but kinda: for music from the Philppines (and other good stuff), check out Kristine and Luis are Listening.

Sigur Ros love

This is kind of old, but I’m slow.

Even though I wouldn’t want to be married, nor am I a very lovey-dovey person, the idea of Sigur Ros lovey-dovey-ness makes me think, “Awwww.”

bq. it’s time for the annual sigur rós gossip column. orri and his girlfriend lukka were married last week on a beach in hawaii, just the two of them plus the hawaiian priest. georg and his girlfriend svanhvít were also married earlier this summer, by hilmar örn hilmarsson, their friend and head of ásatrúarfélagið, the icelandic religion of norse mythology. kjartan and maría (from amina) got married a couple of years ago in las vegas while on tour. jónsi also appears to have found his soulmate in his boyfriend alex. we’d like to congratulate all the band members on the happiness they’ve found, and hope it continues to be reflected in their music.

This fan interview with a 6 year old also makes me think “Aww.” When I was 6, I don’t recall listening to music that wasn’t Disney related. …perhaps it was a deprived childhood.

The latest DEAD AIR SPACE entry by Thom is especially entertaining.

“what do people write in blogs normally? […random thoughts…] i have absolutely no idea what i am talking about.”

That’s not too far off from how most people write, is it?

… …squirrel marshmallow.