the oh so quiet show

That Weezer video you’ve already seen

I too wish there had been Rick Astley action, but they did a pretty good job of reinforcing the fact that I spend way too much time online. However, I didn’t recognized everything…just 95% of it. Oh dear.

I couldn’t say it was awesome until Charlie the Unicorn popped up. You know, Charlie?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2 is just “wtf” for six minutes. But sometimes that’s what you need.

I have no problem just posting funny cat videos

I sent this video of a montage of cats walking on treadmills to a co-worker a few days ago:

The soundtrack is perfect; otherwise this video would just be a “mediocre” instead of “super awesome” montage of cats walking on treadmills. My favorite parts are the ones with the fuzzy, fat cat walking to the heavy THUMP THUMP THUMPs. Yup.

I like how my interests become more juvenile the more I look at YouTube.

Music wise I seem to have hit a wall where I just don’t care anymore. But not really. For the past few weeks I listened specifically to two artists I rarely listen to: Embrace and Imogen Heap. No idea why, especially since listening to Embrace just made me feel depressed. Instead of trying to find new music, maybe I’ll just revisit stuff I haven’t listened to in ages.

I’ve felt a bit bad for not being terribly interested in seeing Sigur Ros during their upcoming tour. I went apeshit over them seven years ago. …Holy crap, I’m getting old. (Just kidding. I’m still somewhat of a baby.) How many people out there have liked an artist consistently for 7+ years? I’m not sure I have any of those. Not that there aren’t albums I could listen to today and still be as interested in as I was 7+ years ago (I think I have a handful of those), but to have that obsessive “OMG I LOVE [so and so] TO DEATH!!”…yeah, not sure if I’ve got that anymore.

Anyhoo, I don’t predict going to many concerts soon (unless they’re free) because in two weeks, I will be a Brooklynite. Yes, the time time to move out of NJ and cut my commuting time in half has finally come. Now I just have to clean up my crap and move my crap and buy more crap.