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Odd Norstoga with a shiny award Spellemannsprisen is Norway’s version of the Grammy awards but more interesting (to me at least) since I haven’t heard of most of the artists. MIC Norway has info about the winners in English so I decided to check some out, primarily Odd Norstoga (pictured, from dagbladet) since he won “Spellemann of the year”…which sounds major. [via it’s a trap!] I wish there were full mp3s on his site but there are craploads of clips and I’ve listened to enough of them to decide that I like his music, and I want it, and gimme, and so on…

Oh, I didn’t even describe the music. Damn, I’m bad at that stuff. It sounds folksy and acoustic. And the songs are in Norwegian. Thank god I’m not a music reviewer.

The National Bank won for “Best Pop Group” and just a few days ago Petter gave me an mp3 of theirs so I shall pass the mp3-ness onto you:

The National Bank – I Hear the Sparrow Sing

It took me a while to get used to (not sure what to think of Thomas Dybdahl’s voice and for whatever reason I’m really picky with singing voices) but I like it. I wouldn’t know how else to categorize it besides “pop” so there’s your description. “Pop”. (You didn’t think I could get much worse, and look, I just did.)

Lastly, I checked out the winner in the electronic/contemporary category, Lars Horntveth (leader of Jaga Jazzist, whom I’ve never listened to for some reason…well, I’m doing that now). If you scroll down a bit you can open the “Pooka” minisite by clicking on the album cover and download an mp3. I’ve listened to this before but I’m giving it another go; it’s cool but I’d want to hear more songs. Grr, gimme more! The downloadable song “Tics” sounds more orchestral than electronic but is a good mix of the two….things. Yeah. It reminds me of Kim Hiorthøy (who’s on the same label), an artist I like but haven’t gotten very into.

Oo, the Jaga Jazzist mp3s are pretty neat.


cover of Let It DieLee gave me some (okay, an album of) Feist (her French site seems better) mp3s as part of some holiday song swapping goodness. He just posted a review of her performance at The Glee Club and after reading it I really wish I could see her at Joe’s Pub. Doh. Having a class on Tuesday nights has really screwed me out of lots of concert opportunities, but I also have this food issue and mixing something I love (music) with something less loved (food) could end up in a cataclysmic explosion. Or not, but I’ll just tell myself that.

Her album “Let It Die” is supposed to come out in the US…soon. April or May? I’m sure I just read about it today yet I’ve already forgotten. I’m incredibly unhelpful, sorry. You can download some mp3s courtesy of Womenfolk.

hooray for consumerism

I bought I Am Kloot’s album at Kim’s Video the other day (along with two other used CDs; it was in the “used electronic” section…o-kay) and have since then decided I love the album. So I dropped some more non-existent money on two tickets to their show at Pianos, figuring the age limit is non-existent. $8 is cheap, although it’s actually $10 on ticketweb, which is still cheap but …I get annoyed by those little charges. It’s still better than ticketmaster though. For the first few years of my life all concerts seemed to cost more than $35, which in ticketmaster-land was closer to $50.

I Am Kloot has a bunch of media things on their website, but mp3s are better. This song isn’t representative of the whole album, but I like it and I think that’s enough justification:

I Am Kloot – Proof [removed]

Since the “BUY TICKETS” link for Kaiser Chiefs at Bowery Ballroom isn’t working I’m going to assume it’s sold out. Which is for the best, I suppose. $15 more for me. Or not less.

small planes are here

I listen to The Innocence Mission a lot. Maybe an obscene amount, as in more than when I used to listen to Radiohead all the time (which is saying a lot). Listening to “Small Planes” on the bus ride back to dorm-ville while feeling like a sack of crap was uplifting for those few minutes.

The Innocence Mission – Small Planes [removed]

I hope you like the song as much as I do. Here are the lyrics:

I know what you mean,
when you want to run to meet the world,
intentions may not carry you far.
Small planes are here
but they never leave my room at all,
they don’t make it through,
they don’t make it out.

I want to be like Sister Veronica,
whose life connects with so many lives.
Small planes are here
but they never leave my room at all.
They don’t make it through,
they don’t make it out.

My words to him
they didn’t touch him, not at all.
And I never can say what I mean to say.
Small planes are here
but they never leave my room at all.
They don’t make it through,
they don’t make it out.

Twenty-five miles or thousands of miles,
when am I going to leave here?
Twenty-five miles or thousands of miles,
when am I going to get there?
Twenty-five miles or thousands of miles,
who am I going to help there?
Twenty-five miles or thousands of miles,
when am I going to get there?

For some reason I never paid as much attention to this song as I did tonight. I’m not one to interpret songs but after listening to this I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never leave here, or get there…once I get there I’ll have to come back here and re-instill the desire to leave again. The idea of small planes reminds me of Bjork’s Isobel video.

On an unrelated note, M. Ward is playing at Knitting Factory on Wednesday, March 2nd. That would make me a lot happier if I could actually go. Hopefully there are people out there who want to go and can go.

random shows thingy

I might have an extra ticket to see Doves at Bowery next month. I’m hoping due to a miracle my friend will be able to come with me but if not, anyone want to come with? Doooves? Mrrrh? NEVERMIND, FOUND SOMEONE, LAADEEDAA! And would anyone want to come see Kaiser Chiefs? SOLD OUT, LAADEEDAA! Or I Am Kloot?

Or should I just go by myself? Maybe I need to make more friends…



Diana put some Annie mp3s on her music blog. You’ve probably heard her music already so my assumption will spare me from having to describe it in words other than “dance/pop”. Her album is coming out March 7th. I’ve wishlisted it, which doesn’t mean much since my wishlist is mainly a graveyard of stuff I don’t get around to buying (especially if it’s an import) but I ultimately end up buying something if I like it enough.

I don’t remember the first time I heard her music but the first song I heard was “Chewing Gum”, which for some reason I didn’t really like. I didn’t not like it but …maybe I heard it too many times. Mm well, I like “Heartbeat” more (yay for real drums!). I first heard of Annie from Telle Records (their website has been kind of dead for a while) and later from tiktak. 679 Recordings has more info.

If you live around London you should go to Sunkissed Live [tickets], a huge night of Norwegian music goodness (Annie is DJ-ing).

Emiliana Torrini live

Emiliana Torrini at Housing Works Used Book Cafe

I just typed up a long entry and Firefox crashed, which happens …well, almost never. It was probably for the best since now you get a very condensed version of what I originally wrote.

– saw Emiliana Torrini perform at the Housing Works Used Book Cafe; played seven or so songs; forgot some lyrics and looked horrified but is adorable so I don’t think anyone really cared; now I really want Fisherman’s Woman

– wasn’t as into the other performances since I just wanted to see Emiliana but I stayed for the whole show (7:30-10:oo); Damon and Naomi played well — nice combination of acoustic guitar + bass / keyboard; Mike Doughty had a lot of fans in the audience and played an encore; showed us what was in his pockets; needs more people to go to the Philadelphia Zoo with him

So that was kind of random, but there ye go. Overall, it was a great evening worth the $25. Otherwise I would’ve been trapped in my dorm with my roommate watching TV/singing/something else involving sounds I wouldn’t willingly listen to. I’m glad to have heard about the concert or else I may not have heard of the Used Book Cafe. It’s a great place to hang out and impulsively buy books. I was thinking what a great place it would be for Magnet to play. Someday…

I made a few crappy mp3s from Emiliana’s performance [removed]:

  • Lifesaver
  • Sunny Road
  • [a cover?] – she semi-forgets the lyrics midway
  • Heartstopper
  • Nothing Brings Me Down

Brooklyn Vegan took nice photos. I decided I’d rather sit closer at a strange angle and get a perfect view of the right side of everyone’s body than be father at a good angle. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. On a random note, the air had a strong beer smell. But hey, everything you buy in that cafe goes to charity so …drink up? 😉

mix cd fun

Making mix CDs is fun. I’m making one now of electronic/instrumental (I guess whatever doesn’t have singing) stuff. Unfortunately I couldn’t fit everything I wanted on one CD:

  1. Kippi Kaninus – The Pianoplayer Takes a Bath
  2. E*Vax – The Process of Leaving
  3. B. Fleischmann – Pass By
  4. Solvent – Solvent City
  5. Satellite Grooves – I Love The Rain
  6. Neat Little Boxes – Hospital
  7. Chessie – Clear Block
  8. Fridge – Cutup Piano + Xylophone
  9. Illoin – Kismet
  10. Phonem – Information Technology (One And A Half Degree Channel)
  11. Kaptein Kaliber – Hunden Tok Hønene Våre
  12. Lineland – Rock I, Rock II
  13. Marianas – Bring Flowers
  14. Markant – Vice Versa
  15. Múm – Please Sing My Spring Reverb
  16. Plone – Top & Low Rent
  17. Console – Walk Like a Worm (there’s an official site but I can’t remember what it is)

And…that’s it. Unrelated: Bowery Ballroom has a bunch of good shows coming up. I haven’t listened to Embrace very much but I heard they’re good and that’s my vacation week. Mm, shall I go concerting?

Raveonettes Tour

Raveonettes tour dates (with Autolux), wee! [via Filter, which has info about their new album]

  • April 26-27 – New York – Mercury Lounge
  • April 28 – Brooklyn, N.Y. – Southpaw
  • April 30 – Indio, Calif. – Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
  • May 3 – San Francisco – Great American Music Hall
  • May 6 – Portland, Ore. – Dante’s
  • May 10 – Minneapolis – First Avenue
  • May 11 – Chicago – Double Door
  • May 12 – Milwaukee – Mad Planet
  • May 13 – Indianapolis – Patio
  • May 14 – Nashville – Exit/In
  • May 17 – Austin, Texas – the Parish
  • May 19 – New Orleans – Twiropa
  • May 20 – Tallahassee, Fla. – Beta Bar
  • May 22 – Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – Culture Room
  • May 25 – Athens, Ga. – 40-Watt Club
  • May 27 – Carrboro, N.C. – Cat’s Cradle
  • May 28 – Washington, D.C. – Black Cat
  • May 29 – Baltimore – Ottobar
  • May 31 – Hoboken, N.J. – Maxwell’s
  • June 1 – Philadelphia – North Star Bar
  • June 2 – Boston – Paradise
  • June 6 – Cleveland – Beachland Ballroom
  • June 7 – Newport, Ky. – Southgate House
  • June 8 – Detroit – Magic Stick
  • June 9 – Millvale, Pa. – Mr. Small’s Theatre
  • June 10 – Buffalo, N.Y. – Showplace Theatre
  • June 11 – New York – Webster Hall

I’ve never seen them live. …I wanna gooo.

Emiliana Torrini

cover of Love in the Time of Science

I don’t remember exactly how/when I first heard of Emiliana Torrini, but it was some years back when she released Love in the Time of Science and audiogalaxy was free (I used to be permanently attached to audiogalaxy). “Unemployed in Summertime” is one of my favorite songs from the album but the entire album is good. I know “good” is a useless word but…well. I’m not eloquent.

Her new album Fisherman’s Woman came out this year. Not in the US (except on iTunes) but hopefully at some point it will. It sounds much more laid-back and acoustic than her other one.

Via brooklynvegan I found out she’s playing at Housing Works Used Book Cafe, which means I’ll have something to do on Friday night. Thank god someone just bought something from the poofy shop (hell, you should too!) or I wouldn’t have had enough money in my paypal account. I was hesitant to get a ticket at first since it’s $25, but it’s for charity and the store is cool (I ended up spending $25 there today anyway) and …um…I haven’t spent money on food for a week, so I’ll just pretend that’s what I was saving up for. Amadeep has nice things to say when he saw her perform last month so I’m sure it’ll be a good time.