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Toy Food

“Toy food / Like real food, but is toy / Toy food / Not real food, do not eat.”

I think I love you, Neil Cicierega.

Originally blogged on Serious Eats.

One Day We’re Gonna Live in Paris

I know I’m terribly late on the Friendly Fires train, and I’d be even later if I hadn’t shopped at Uniqlo last weekend with Alex. When “Paris” blared throughout the store, I didn’t give it a second thought.

“There’s a remix featuring Au Revoir Simone that you’d like,” Alex said. “I’ll give it to you when we get back to your apartment.”

And he did. And I did like it. A lot. And I was less into the original version because I thought the vocals didn’t sound right with the feel of the song—a little too harsh for my tastes, where Au Revoir Simone got it down all dreamy-like. But upon repeated listenings, I ended up liking the original more for its chorus. And the cowbell.

Unintentional blur.
Can’t really do this in NYC.

The song captures my sentiment of wanting to return to Paris frightening well. Or it has become my sentiment, the more I listening to it and it embeds itself in my brain. There’s nowhere else that Alex and I would rather be. I just wish I knew how much longer we have to hold out for.

‘Mykonos’ Stop-Motion Music Video

Mykonos from Grandchildren on Vimeo.

I hope my dreams are full of flying paper cut-outs chasing each other area an eerie, dimly lit world of…angular things…and pointy blobs…and Fleet Foxes…

This animation by Grandchildren is beautiful.