I didn’t listen to much released-in-2012 music last year…which made it very easy to pick my favorite new songs of 2012. Yaaay [throws confetti in your general direction]. I’m a far lazier music listener now than I was when I first started this blog. Gettin’ all old and decrepit. Cancer’s coming.

Here are some of my favorite songs from last year, in no particular order, mostly without commentary because if I try to think of something interesting to say about every song, I’ll never publish this post (I’ve got drafts from as far back as 2011 for that reason). Artists names go to artists’ websites, song names link to Spotify when applicable, and everything’s on YouTube. THANK GOD FOR INTERNETS.

Beach HouseMyth

Glen Check – Racket

Thanks to the unfairly awesome Eat Your Kimchi for introducing me to Glen Check.

Neon BunnyOh My Prince (야광토끼 – 왕자님)

Another Eat Your Kimchi rec! I need to follow South Korean music better.

Delta SpiritCalifornia

First Aid KitEmmylou

Remember when these sisters were sitting in a forest in Sweden and covering Fleet Foxes and it was one of the most beautiful things you’d ever heard?

Young DreamsFog of War



First time listening to Visions: “Huh.” 50 listens later: “ARRRGH IT’S SO GOOD.” I’m slow.

TanlinesAll Of Me

Alina Devecerski – Jag Svär

I’m a bit torn about Alina; I’m pretty sure if she sang in English, I would find her songs unlistenably annoying. But she sings in Swedish, so I love ’em instead.

Dustin WongFeet Prints on Flower Dreads

Kishi BashiManchester

Another song that sounds like magic.

Team MeShow Me

More Norwegian goodness! Norway, why are you so awesome. Aside from your expensive dining-out options.

ChairliftI Belong In Your Arms