Mmm, now I’m interested in seeing Of Montreal. So I take a lookie at their tour dates

And they’re playing at Northsix! On Saturday! On my birthday! AKA “DAY BEFORE MOVING INTO DORM-AGE”.

So I guess I’m staying home to pack, but I’m packing so I can live in NYC …more. But I’m bummed. If I paid more attention, I would’ve organized things so I could go on Saturday night, because that sounds like more fun than packing.


[You are witnessing the thought-processes of my brain in all its uncensored and disturbingly moronic glory.]

Then again, the show seems to have sold out, so that’s good! But still. Damn. I’m slow.

They’re also playing at Knitting Factory on September 15th for CMJ. So that’s another possibility, especially since I have no CMJ things lined up. In the meantime I’m reading about a gazillion people who can’t see everything they want to see. Hm.