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Song made out of Windows sound effects

This song is composed just from the sound effects from Windows 98 and Windows XP. It is quite neat. [via neatorama]

Sunday Mix – “Mildly Happy”

another view of my once bare wall...

A few songs of mild happiness. If you don’t like them, I’ll cut yew.

Kylie MinogueIn My Arms

This song is Calvin Harris up the wazoo. Because he partially produced it. I’ve never really been into Kylie Minogue, but that might change with her latest album.

Lykki LiLittle Bit (Diego Chavez Remix)

It took me a while to get into Lykke Li, who I will put into the “Swedish pop” category even though that’s kind of vague. And that’s why I give you mp3s. It’s like giving out samples of food instead of having to come up with any kind of well though-out description of what I want you to ingest. Wooo. So yes, this remix is what got me interested, a dancier version of the original. [via The Lemur Blog]

SwitchesEvery Second Counts (Ocelot Remix)

I didn’t like this upon my first listen, and then quickly became mildly obsessed with it. And I don’t know why. Ocelot transformed the original song into something full of awesome and unicorns and Jolly Ranchers. [via discodust]

Neutral Milk HotelIn The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Admitting this will probably make me look bad, but this is the first time I’ve really listened to Neutral Milk Hotel. The whole 10-year-anniversary thing piqued my interest. I’m sure I tried listening to them before; they must not have meshed with my 12-year-old brainwaves a decade years ago. Now they mesh. I am happy.

Donuts make everything better

Don’t forget the donuts

Is it sad that the only reason I feel compelled is less so when I find a song I really l like, but when I find an album that references donuts and how you must take heed of their presence?

More info about this album, “Don’t Forget the Donuts” by Wayne Potash, from The Blognut, my favorite donut blog. (Granted, the only one I read, but still.) The Blognut says, “Other than the fact that it involves Donuts, I’ll really never be able to put into words why this album is so awesome.” It’s awesome beyond the English language.

…It’s a children’s album, if that makes any more sense.

mashed. potatoes.

Once again, I forgot I had a music blog.

I’m really tired.  So I’m just gonna show you this: PILLOWY MOUNDS OF MASHED POTATOES

Entranced, I am.  YTMND never fails to please.