Sigur Ros listening parties:

9/7 New York, NY @ NYU’s Kimmel Center
7th floor lounge
60 Washington Square South
12:30-3pm, Open to NYU students only – FREE

9/8 New York, NY @ Seize sur Vingt
Presented by and Filter Magazine
8 to 11 PM, 243 Elizabeth St
rsvp with full name and number of guests to

That’s pretty random. Clothing store has a listening party? …okay! The NYU lounge is a super-comfy place for sleeping. And Sigur Ros listening! Will they give out free stuff? GIMMEH.

I almost forgot that their concerts are coming up soon. Ooh. My brain’s slow. Time for sleep.

Looking at the Brooklyn Vegan Levy post, comments got a little batty. “When Levy fans attack” sounds about right. Chill. Eat some ice cream.

I like reading a music review that doesn’t say the same thing as 100 other reviews. Like Atomic Duster’s one for The Tourniquet:

bq. I don’t think I’ve used the word “woozy” since I was about seven years old, but Magnet have given me the opportunity to do so now, because I feel it perfectly describes the kind of music Even Johansen makes…Nice enough for putting on in the background. Play it to a drunken old tramp though and he’ll feel twice as dizzy and probably end up spewing in your shoes.

They also reviewed On Your Side. “…it’s mellow and…er…nice.” God, that sounds like something I’d write. Wait, that’s not very good…or is it?

Channel 4 has a pleasant chat with Magnet. I’m so easily amused:

bq. What’s the best thing you’ve ever found in a hedge?
A hedgehog!