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a bunch of random recommendations

As the title says.


I first listened to Bichi by randomly looking through Hobby Industries’ website. Yeah, it’s a common pastime; I am weird. Bichi makes the kind of fluttery glitchy plinky electronic repetitive music that I enjoy for some reason that I don’t know. Maybe my brainwaves are messed up (okay, not maybe so much as “yes, definitely”) and the pinks and pops line up with them. [shrugs]


I also like Melodium (myspace), whose latest album is out on audio dregs, a label that is notable for providing me with happy music for the past four years. Melodium sounds quite happy to me. At least, I hear xylophones, and those things make me happy. And acoustic guitars. And pianos. And pings. And tinkles.

…I’m easily soothed. Especially when I don’t have to pay attention to lyrics. I’m too lazy for that stuff. Like right now. Can you tell. From my disjointed sentences. And lack of question marks. Okay.

The Spinto Band – Oh Mandy

Oh Mandy video
it buuurns

Last night I felt like I needed a happy brain-wooshy song. I looked through my some-thousand mp3 library and couldn’t decide what to listen to.

..And then something random in the dusty cobwebbed part of my brain said, “The Spinto Band has a fun song, yes?” And I replied, “Uh, I dunno.” Because I didn’t remember from the handful of times I had heard their music. Then I make my way to their myspace page and listen to “Oh Mandy” about 20 times in a row because, indeedio, it made me happy.

I loves me some lilting mumbly singing. Truly.

Then I thought that they must have a spiffy music video to go with it. Thankfully, they do, stop-motiong animation and all:

And like any good Internet-happy band, they have a blog to make stalking easier.


soft lights
typographic overload

The Soft Lightes’s video for Heart Made of Sound makes me happy. Words. Colors. Stop-motiong animation. It’s semi-abstract fun, like arts and crafts up the wazoo to the 100th power. Nothing necessarily complicated, but it’s definitely time consuming and the product of more creativity that I’ll ever have. [via Design*Notes]

damn Grizzly Bear-loving Parisians

I was planning to see Grizzly Bear at the Cartier Foundation, but I just found out it sold out. Because…it’s tomorrow. Not much of a surprise. But I couldn’t buy tickets online and I didn’t know I had to call to get them (found that out from a French friend). So! Thus continues the live music-less existence. [bashes self in head]

It’s…sad. It’s not quite as life-threatening as having a food-less existence (a situation that probably leads to death), but you don’t realize how much you miss something until you don’t have it anymore. I only went to concerts sparingly this past year, but I always enjoyed the experience. I seriously need more calorie-free satisfaction in my life. While I don’t sorely miss the CMJ marathon in NYC, I’m pretty sure I would’ve gone to a few shows this year (as opposed to last year where I huddled in my room, alooone, wallowing in…loneliness). OH WELL!

Here’s the only Grizzly Bear song that I have [thanks John!]:


Grizzly Bear – Marla

You can listen to more on their website. Their music can be quite soothing. Like valium. If that’s your thing. (SURE IS!) Or it can be fun, a capella style:

current song addiction

I have no idea why, but I’m semi addicted to this song by The Shins:

The Shins – Sleeping Lessons [removed]

…Which means I may get sick of it soon. Hm. I hope not. Their upcoming album, “Wincing the Night Away”, doesn’t come out for another three months, which I didn’t know when I came across it. [cough] It’s the first album by them that I’ve really liked; maybe I should listen to the older ones again.