Get ready for…RANDOM-NESS!

Magnet was bitten in the eye by a snake! Kinda. If it were actually his eye, he’d probably be in worse condition/blind, but it didn’t seem to be a big deal. If it were a big deal, I’d find it less funny. Translation courtesy of Erik:

A few days before the “Øyafestivalen”, he was at the Lost Weekend festival outside Bergen. After the festival he tripped an fell face to face with a viper/adder that bit him in the eye. That’s why his face looked a little swollen at the Øyafestivalen.


– I looked like I had been in a fight. And in a way I had. I just lost big time, laughs Even.

– I laughed my ass of because it was so special/weird/strange. I’m actually terrified of snakes. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced.

It’s bad luck to fall on a viper/adder, but at least it was lucky that I didn’t get bitten in the actual eyeball. He got an antidote at the ER.

– I feel like the chosen one. I have never before heard of anyone that has been bitten in the eye by a viper/adder, så I feel really special. More specia lthan the music has ever made me feel.

MusicOHM has a recent Magnet gig review. It’s a little odd, as it’s seems half not-so-favorable/very favorable, but it’s interesting. If you want to hear “the raw, fulsome growl of a weather-beaten mongrel” (whoa, that’s a new description) in Even’s voice, Libido (Even’s previous alt-rock band) would be a better choice. Same pretty voice, but …different. He shouted more. Listen:

Libido – Supersonic Daydream [removed]

These Doves pimp coat photos made me laugh.

Dan Radcliffe is a hipster?he has a fanclub and sends out newsletters? Wow, I’m behind the times. I’m a moderate Harry Potter fan (by that I mean I’ve read all the books a few times, except for the last one that I’ve read once so far–gimme a break–and I’ve seen all the movies a few times…that’s moderate, right?) but I haven’t followed the lives of any of the actors in the movies. Mm. Well. Yay for music! Should be interesting to see Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway in the new movie, bwahaha.

Everyone loves Levy? …YAY! I don’t think they’re necessarily exciting or original, but a lot of artists I love aren’t exciting or original; I just happen to love them (and I fell in love in Levy after listening to them for about 5 seconds). Maybe I don’t want to be excited. Maybe I just want a fluffy pillow and some ice cream.

I like this song:

Levy – Matthew [removed]

…I like almost every song. Sounds happy. Doesn’t change much throughout. And it’s lovely! I don’t understand the Coldplay comparison, but I guess a lot of things can be compared to Coldplay. They’re like chicken, in the world of meats. (I didn’t mean to compare Coldplay to chicken, but I think I just did.)