the oh so quiet show

the official soundtrack of kitties sitting on synthesizers

Can someone tell me what song is playing on this site? (Warning: …um, it plays sound.) It’s making little blips and things appear in my brain. The kitty is also hypnotizing. Now I wish I had that synth AND that I were able to travel through the Milky Way, or whatever it is in the background.

Hhehe…this song…funny…oh jesus I’m losing it. When will the nice men wrap me up in a straight jacket and take me away from this cruel world? Eeeuuhh [rocks back and forth while muttering to self]…

It’s Yongfook’s fault.

Lavender Diamond

So I went to this Lavender Diamond concert…

Becky Stark

…about 2 weeks ago? Really? I feel like it’s been much longer. But the photos I took are only 3 pages back in my flickr stream, so I guess they’re not that old.

still Becky

Ah, I know…time is slowing down as I approach the end. You know, death? Yeah. That’s why I feel like I’ve aged a few years since the concert. And soon time will stop completely. And I will know I have passed into the neeext woooorld.

Guess who this is!

But…that’ll take a while. Yeah. While I am living, I’m glad that people like Becky Stark exist to make fun bands with fun songs because it makes living a little more enjoyable. She wasn’t as shy as she was during the NYPL performance. She was still silly, but confidently so. It’s quite a difference. I especially liked it when while singing “You Broke My Heart” she pointed at various members of the audience as though they were the perpetrators.

I wonder if someone really did break her heart. …I suppose so or else she wouldn’t have written it. Is the song even sad? It it happy? I can’t tell. If Becky sang about livers being torn out of squirrels, it would probably still sound kind of happy. … …Yeah.

So, my concerting kinda seems over for the summer. Maybe I will go to a Pool Parties show, but man, Williamsburg is far from me at the moment. If I were less dumb, I would’ve seen Feist and Grizzly Bear. But no…I am full dumb. And sleepy. [eyelids droop]