the oh so quiet show

The Field

I didn’t get into The Field the first time I listened to them, but now they’re growing on me.  Or providing a good background soundtrack that provides my brain with some stimulation without taking away my editing abilities.  Skitterish and floaty.  A nice distraction.

Alice in Wonderland, recut

Download the song (made of sounds from Alice in Wonderland) by Pogo at

“I’ve waited 20 years for this!”

Zach just treated my office to a captivating story about buying scalped tickets to see George Michael at Madison Square Garden.  We all stared at him in disbelief.  It was amusing.

I’m not going to repeat any of the story; I just wanted to note the random things that go on during my day.  GO ZACH!!!

There Goes the Fear

I know the office jukebox is streaming from my iTunes when Doves comes on. Not sure I’ve ever watched the video for “There Goes the Fear” before, but I listened to the song obsessively when it first came out. Still good.

I feel like I’m watching a guy’s midlife crisis…in the form of an animated collage…on massive drugs.

That Thing You Do!

I used to love That Thing You Do! when I was in middle school. Someone uploaded the whole movie to YouTube so I watched it again. I needed happy songs.

Yay, happies.

The song I’ve heard too many times this week

..Because my roommate likes to blast it on repeat: “Go West” by the Pet Shop Boys.

I think I’m getting used to it. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

Because the obsessed teenage girl phase is over

beck!I mean, it was over some years ago when I crossed the double decade age.  But I only realized today that if I don’t get his latest album, Modern Guilt (which I only realized a week before its release even existed), then it’ll be his only album that I don’t have. I have the other 11 in some form. Should it bother me that I was once a frighteningly dedicated fan but have quickly fallen from fanaticism to…whatever I am now, which is probably a healthier mental state?

I dunno. I feel like I do have to get it, just to keep the collection complete, and should continue doing this until I die (or rather, until Beck dies, because he’ll probably go first…or will he). Been listening to some new songs and they’re…catchy enough (although my favorite album is still Mutations). It’s the only new music I’ve listened to in a long time. I’m afraid to read Brooklyn Vegan because I probably won’t know 90% of the bands it mentions and I’ve given up on trying to catch up. I have to channel the obsessive music-loving middle schooler I once was.  [squints]…[clenches fists]…

…Okay, that just gives me a headache.

I too can do a farmer’s jig

Some videos I enjoyed at work today:

Western Spaghetti by Pes.

Where The Hell is Matt? (2008)