This is kind of old, but I’m slow.

Even though I wouldn’t want to be married, nor am I a very lovey-dovey person, the idea of Sigur Ros lovey-dovey-ness makes me think, “Awwww.”

bq. it’s time for the annual sigur rós gossip column. orri and his girlfriend lukka were married last week on a beach in hawaii, just the two of them plus the hawaiian priest. georg and his girlfriend svanhvít were also married earlier this summer, by hilmar örn hilmarsson, their friend and head of ásatrúarfélagið, the icelandic religion of norse mythology. kjartan and maría (from amina) got married a couple of years ago in las vegas while on tour. jónsi also appears to have found his soulmate in his boyfriend alex. we’d like to congratulate all the band members on the happiness they’ve found, and hope it continues to be reflected in their music.

This fan interview with a 6 year old also makes me think “Aww.” When I was 6, I don’t recall listening to music that wasn’t Disney related. …perhaps it was a deprived childhood.

The latest DEAD AIR SPACE entry by Thom is especially entertaining.

“what do people write in blogs normally? […random thoughts…] i have absolutely no idea what i am talking about.”

That’s not too far off from how most people write, is it?

… …squirrel marshmallow.