Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy by Mum
In Our Bedroom After the War by Stars
The Simple Life by Magnet

I kind of have the last one, but only in MP3 form as donated to me by a nice friend.

Bolognan arcades

I was in Bologna from September 11th to the 27th, hence my lack of music buying…or something. That’s my excuse. I was eating gelato. If you are bored enough, you can read about my trip on my food blog. Didn’t do much music-related stuff in Italy besides watch MTV since it was the only channel with shows in English, and even then some of the shows were dubbed. SO MUCH DUBBING. AHH. And then I found myself disliking America even more due to the way it’s portrayed (the young folk, at least) on MTV, which isn’t exactly a representation of the entire country (since my life has never resembled anything on MTV, or anything that would be on TV)…but anyway.

Italy is lovely. Sigh.