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more random bits: MYSPACE TIME

Even though a part of me thinks myspace is a virtual bucket of ugly crap, I turn to it as the easiest way to listen to music that I otherwise can’t find. “Huuh, their official website doesn’t have any media, but surely they have a myspace with songs.” This works out most of the time…as long as myspace is working (which happens every now and then). Here are some bands with short descriptions:

Port Largo
Port Largo

Port Largo (myspace): Danish, synth-rock-pop, kinda reminds me of Mew/Sigur Ros…because of somewhat unintelligible high-pitched singing. You know the type. 😉 Favorite song: “Another State of Mind”

The Ballet
The Ballet

The Ballet (myspace): New York, indie-pop/”Belle & Sebastian after too much cotton candy” (–Logo), bleepy keyboard and clappy drum machine lines, lovingly handcrafted album (sold out). Favorite song: “In My Head”


Kunek (myspace): Oklahoma, atmospoheric, sad, delicate, kinda-reminds-me-of-Coldplay (hope that’s alright). Favorite song: “A Sign of Life”

One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony

One Trick Pony (myspace): Los Angeles, kinda reminds of Sondre Lerche, but I don’t know why. Is it the croon-y voice? Sorry, that wasn’t much of a description, I’m too lazy. Favorite song: “Box Song”

Hooray for Earth
Hooray for Earth

Hooray for Earth (myspace): Boston, synth-y pop rock, and their name is HOORAY FOR EARTH, which might be the main reason I’m mentioning them because this isn’t exactly my kind of leisure listening music. Favorite song: “Take Care”

Weird Al – White & Nerdy

Awesome. This video. It is. Observe:

I haven’t listened to Weird Al in years due to lack of interest, but you can’t deny that it’s awesome, yes? Unless you don’t get it. I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad that I understand all the references. At the very least, they don’t all apply to me. (But I have Star Wars posters on my wall. And I used to love MC Escher. And I have a soldering gun.)

I’m not sure what’s wrong with mayo though.

(A little reminiscing: in 6th grade I remember blasting “The Night Santa Went Crazy” around the holidays and singing it with my friends over and over again. We were just cool. …Yeeah. Please tell me we weren’t the only ones.)

random bits

Magnet will support Imogen Heap during her North American tour this November and December. Of course, I’m a flaming huge Magnet fan, but I’d like to see Imogen too. Which is why it pains me even more than I won’t be able to go to any of the shows. CRUEL FATE. And now that I’m 21 I know that no stupid age restrictions could keep me out of anywhere. Out of all things (other things being “death”, “freak explosion” and the like), being in the wrong country that screws me over. Doh.

Check out excessive live Magnet photos COMING ATCHA.

Remember that aforementioned Techno Parade thing? I didn’t go. Or rather, I went, but didn’t see it. I thought it would start at noon, but I found out it started at 2-something. Hm…yeah, okay.

Anyone want to recommend some music to me? YES, DO IT. I haven’t been listening to much lately since I’ve been going to school and eating stuff (these are two highly time consuming activities). Peter Bjorn and John is still my main source of auditory pleasure. I’m saddened that I missed them in Paris, but all my sources continue to warn me not to enter the 20th arrondissement of death.

Michel Gondry is the master of awesomeness, or at least one of the top 5. Read an awesome feature on him by The New York Times. Register if you have to and then read the WHOLE THING. No skimming. Skimming is not awesome.

goddamn child prodigies

Yeah, they piss me off too.

But he’s so cute, so I guess that’s okay. And he’s only four years old. I don’t think I could even draw a straight line when I was four.

Techno Parade

techno parade Techno…wuh?

Paris knows how to be awesome in many ways. Baguettes. Doggie poo all over the streets. More baguettes. And a PARADE OF TECHNO this Saturday at noon starting at Place de la Bastille. Paris Info says:

About 30 floats equipped with huge speakers, with one float devoted to music from French-speaking countries, will make their way in a loop from the Bastille and back through the heart of the city. Over 300,000 people are expected to turn up to enjoy the street party.

I’ll try to check it out while hoping I don’t get crushed by 300,000 dancing people. No dancing for me; I’ll just observe.

The Peter Bjorn and John show went off my radar after hearing too much about the sketchiness of the 20th arrondissement. Poot! But I’d rather spend my Friday night having a carefree dinner than worrying about being mugged.

I think I know the answer to this question

I don’t suppose anyone out there in music-blog-reading-landis going to see Peter Bjorn and John at La Flèche d’Or? I really have no idea who reads this blog, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. And I’m asking because I’d like to go, just not by myself.

While it’s not the intention of everyone I’ve spoken to about safety in Paris to make me feel paranoid, I kind of feel…paranoid. “Paris is perfectly safe…until midnight when it becomes a hotbed of petty theft and drugs and DEATH.” Ohh. …Okay. I’m not quoting anyone in particular, but you know what I mean. Maybe. After two years in NYC, I always felt pretty safe in the city at any time of day (not that I’d wander around at 4 AM, but I’ve roamed around by myself at 1 AM and felt fine). Knowing that the Paris Metro stops around 12:30 doesn’t make me want to go anywhere too late (yeah, I know there’s a thing called a taxi…but whatever). And I haven’t in the past five days that I’ve been here since I’m too tired anyway. I’ve already been advised how to carry backpacks and bags on the metro to prevent people from opening zippers or slashing the bags open. Good to know! I guess.

If anyone has concert recommendations in Paris until December, let me know. Maybe I will just save my money for food.

croissant innards
croissant innards