the oh so quiet show


Reverberating in my head right now are the dinkly, atmospheric (yeah, I said “atmospheric”, but don’t ask me what that means exactly) sounds from Furniture’s debut album, Twilight Chases the Sun. There’s no skipping songs on this 10-track album, although, of course, I do like some more than others. Here’s one I really like and isn’t 6+ minutes long:

Furniture – Why Is Adam King? [removed]

The album is about 50/50 between purely instrumental songs and ones with vocals, some melding right into the next, some not so much but…ah, nevermind, I can’t describe stuff. Here’s a quote from Think:

bq. …they bring the organic into the electronic, a touch of wabi-sabi to sanitised industrial perfection. Human intimacy is found within it all, a series of ‘this-was-once-our-song’ Hallmark moments, bringing comfort to the loneliness of gazing into a starry, starry night. This is hipster music for lovelorn Trekkies.

I’ll just replace “Trekkies” with “dorks” to make that more applicable to me.

Since I can’t come up with a well-written description of their music, I’ll just list the “sound’s like” bands I thought of: Sigur Ros, Mogwai, GYBE, The Album Leaf, My Bloody Valentine, a bit of Múm, and I’ll probably add Efterklang once I listen to more of their music (just bought some albums online, woo). There are other ones, I’m sure. So roll all those artists together in a big juicy music meatball, and…wait, that’s not a great comparison. Um. Just put all those bands together in a bowl (and add an egg; can’t forget the egg) and make a big fluffy Furniture cake. And then eat it. And smile.

Although their website lists the album’s availability only in Asia (the band is from Malaysia), you can contact them and order a copy. It’s only $12 with the shipping and handling if you’re in the US. SO GET IT!!!

the song I just listened to a million times

…which disturbs me because it’s 8 minutes long and, what do you know, it’s past 4:30 AM…

I Am Ying (link works now!) by Furniture, a beautiful GYBE-type song, the kind that makes you feel…happy. Actually, it’s not really happiness, but it’s not sadness either. If you really like GYBE type stuff, maybe you understand. Another song you can listen to is Please, kinda My Bloody Valentine-ish, dinkly and pretty. Yup.

Furniture is a band from Malaysia (they also have a blog). I’m not familiar with music from that area, although I doubt many people from around here would be. Actually, I’m not familiar with any Asian music, as most of the Asian music I’ve heard is J-pop (not my thing), Chinese pop songs (like American pop songs, but in Chinese), or Korean rap (…oh my god…no, NO). Sad. Help.

Not really related, but kinda: for music from the Philppines (and other good stuff), check out Kristine and Luis are Listening.