the oh so quiet show

Num̩ro# РTonton Klaxonne

Alex gave me this song and now I can’t stop listening to it. Even if it’s too late for me to be listening to music this upbeat.

Numéro#Tonton Klaxonne

More info at Discodust. Except for what the song means. My understanding is that “klaxonner” means to honk, and “tonton” means…uncle? Huh. Someone else out there knows better than I do.

Random pretty music

Marcine told me to listen to dné. So I am. And it’s quite nice. This came out of a long conversation while eating lunch at Xe Lua…a conversation about music we would categorize as “bloop.” There were so many sub-categories that I can’t remember them all. (But I think Air was deemed “sexy bloop.”) dné is not in the bloop category, more like the “peaceful dreamy instrumental stuff” category.

She also told me to see Yann Tiersen at Irving Plaza (er, the Filmore New York at Irving Plaza). Ooh.