Of Montreal video

Sometimes you have to say something stupid like “ZOMG!”

…this isn’t really one of those times, but it’s pretty close. Of Montreal‘s video for “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games” (made by Kangaroo Alliance, who need to make more stuff so I can point at it and go “AAHAHHAHA AHAAH” and stuff) is really really cute. Really cute. Like happy things bopping about and bright happy colors and simple shapes and more cute happy things bopping about. If it weren’t a music video, the audio would go something like “ahh!” and “weee!” and dinkly xylophone action. Or something.

At first I wasn’t really into the song even though the video goes very well with it, but now I really like it. Then I listened to more of their songs and THEY’RE ALL CUTE. CUUUTE. Or even…KYOOT. (To me, “kyoot” is like a more extreme version of “cute”.) Even though I’ve heard of Of Montreal, I never listened to them before. Maybe I would’ve paid more attention if their name were Happy Dinkly-Time Bop (wow, I just made…the worst band name ever). Time for me to catch up.

(Looking through my iTunes, I found out I had the song for this music video since…March. MARCH? It just APPEARED there? I’m scared. Or maybe it’s fate. …but I’m still scared.)

I found the video via Chris’ Music Snobbery. From his post, also check out the video for Faithless – Let Go. It’s really funny (or at least I thought so).