Hello, rarely-updated blog! My friend KÃ¥re just pointed out this video for Norwegian artist Torgny‘s “The Only Game,” along with the description, “This is what it is like growing up in rural Norway and Sweden. A lot of boredom and cars.” And…that’s what you see in this video, but it’s beautifully directed by Emil Trier and the song sung by Torgny and Maria Due is lovely. (Random thing: Torgny used to he the frontman of hardcore punk band Amulet. I’ve never listened to Amulet, but methinks his latest project is probably more to my liking.)

This video came out last year, but Torgny just released his full-length album Chameleon Days this month. According to pechakucha.no, “The Only Game” is the first of three videos about “young, contemporary Scandinavia.” Here’s the second one for “Big Day” (described by KÃ¥re as “what our end of high school partying looks”):