Diana put some Annie mp3s on her music blog. You’ve probably heard her music already so my assumption will spare me from having to describe it in words other than “dance/pop”. Her album is coming out March 7th. I’ve wishlisted it, which doesn’t mean much since my wishlist is mainly a graveyard of stuff I don’t get around to buying (especially if it’s an import) but I ultimately end up buying something if I like it enough.

I don’t remember the first time I heard her music but the first song I heard was “Chewing Gum”, which for some reason I didn’t really like. I didn’t not like it but …maybe I heard it too many times. Mm well, I like “Heartbeat” more (yay for real drums!). I first heard of Annie from Telle Records (their website has been kind of dead for a while) and later from tiktak. 679 Recordings has more info.

If you live around London you should go to Sunkissed Live [tickets], a huge night of Norwegian music goodness (Annie is DJ-ing).