cover of Let It DieLee gave me some (okay, an album of) Feist (her French site seems better) mp3s as part of some holiday song swapping goodness. He just posted a review of her performance at The Glee Club and after reading it I really wish I could see her at Joe’s Pub. Doh. Having a class on Tuesday nights has really screwed me out of lots of concert opportunities, but I also have this food issue and mixing something I love (music) with something less loved (food) could end up in a cataclysmic explosion. Or not, but I’ll just tell myself that.

Her album “Let It Die” is supposed to come out in the US…soon. April or May? I’m sure I just read about it today yet I’ve already forgotten. I’m incredibly unhelpful, sorry. You can download some mp3s courtesy of Womenfolk.