I bought I Am Kloot’s album at Kim’s Video the other day (along with two other used CDs; it was in the “used electronic” section…o-kay) and have since then decided I love the album. So I dropped some more non-existent money on two tickets to their show at Pianos, figuring the age limit is non-existent. $8 is cheap, although it’s actually $10 on ticketweb, which is still cheap but …I get annoyed by those little charges. It’s still better than ticketmaster though. For the first few years of my life all concerts seemed to cost more than $35, which in ticketmaster-land was closer to $50.

I Am Kloot has a bunch of media things on their website, but mp3s are better. This song isn’t representative of the whole album, but I like it and I think that’s enough justification:

I Am Kloot – Proof [removed]

Since the “BUY TICKETS” link for Kaiser Chiefs at Bowery Ballroom isn’t working I’m going to assume it’s sold out. Which is for the best, I suppose. $15 more for me. Or not less.