Emiliana Torrini at Housing Works Used Book Cafe

I just typed up a long entry and Firefox crashed, which happens …well, almost never. It was probably for the best since now you get a very condensed version of what I originally wrote.

– saw Emiliana Torrini perform at the Housing Works Used Book Cafe; played seven or so songs; forgot some lyrics and looked horrified but is adorable so I don’t think anyone really cared; now I really want Fisherman’s Woman

– wasn’t as into the other performances since I just wanted to see Emiliana but I stayed for the whole show (7:30-10:oo); Damon and Naomi played well — nice combination of acoustic guitar + bass / keyboard; Mike Doughty had a lot of fans in the audience and played an encore; showed us what was in his pockets; needs more people to go to the Philadelphia Zoo with him

So that was kind of random, but there ye go. Overall, it was a great evening worth the $25. Otherwise I would’ve been trapped in my dorm with my roommate watching TV/singing/something else involving sounds I wouldn’t willingly listen to. I’m glad to have heard about the concert or else I may not have heard of the Used Book Cafe. It’s a great place to hang out and impulsively buy books. I was thinking what a great place it would be for Magnet to play. Someday…

I made a few crappy mp3s from Emiliana’s performance [removed]:

  • Lifesaver
  • Sunny Road
  • [a cover?] – she semi-forgets the lyrics midway
  • Heartstopper
  • Nothing Brings Me Down

Brooklyn Vegan took nice photos. I decided I’d rather sit closer at a strange angle and get a perfect view of the right side of everyone’s body than be father at a good angle. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea. On a random note, the air had a strong beer smell. But hey, everything you buy in that cafe goes to charity so …drink up? 😉