cover of Love in the Time of Science

I don’t remember exactly how/when I first heard of Emiliana Torrini, but it was some years back when she released Love in the Time of Science and audiogalaxy was free (I used to be permanently attached to audiogalaxy). “Unemployed in Summertime” is one of my favorite songs from the album but the entire album is good. I know “good” is a useless word but…well. I’m not eloquent.

Her new album Fisherman’s Woman came out this year. Not in the US (except on iTunes) but hopefully at some point it will. It sounds much more laid-back and acoustic than her other one.

Via brooklynvegan I found out she’s playing at Housing Works Used Book Cafe, which means I’ll have something to do on Friday night. Thank god someone just bought something from the poofy shop (hell, you should too!) or I wouldn’t have had enough money in my paypal account. I was hesitant to get a ticket at first since it’s $25, but it’s for charity and the store is cool (I ended up spending $25 there today anyway) and …um…I haven’t spent money on food for a week, so I’ll just pretend that’s what I was saving up for. Amadeep has nice things to say when he saw her perform last month so I’m sure it’ll be a good time.