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Schnappi, live NY stuff, and other random goo

Remember that “Crazy Frog” music…thing/monstrosity? If not, that’s good. No need to fill you in. Gizmodo’s “Schnappi to Eat Crazy Frog” is about the new annoyingly catchy tune to usurp “Crazy Frog”. I wouldn’t be able to understand why that song was so popular even if someone threatened to poke my eyes out with hot poking instruments, but maybe it’s a European thing. WHYYYYY? STOP IT!!!

…the Schnappi song isn’t that bad, although in comparison to the frog song, few things are. I don’t understand its popularity but maybe I’m cold and heartless. Also, I don’t think the crocodile is cute enough. Erik gave me the song a while ago to show me that Europeans are insane. Or at least some of them, such as the ones who made the song really popular. You can be the judge:

That Schnappi song that a gazillion people love [removed]

The only music I have of a little girl singing is from Bjork’s first album. That’s completely reasonable–it’s Bjork!

Something going on right now that I wouldn’t mind being at: OYA FESTIVAL! I will go. Someday. [shakes fists]

Two things you can do on September 14th: see Levy at Arlene’s Grocery? [via Brooklyn Vegan] Slowdance showcase at the Knitting Factory? I wouldn’t mind going to either but I’ll probably be lazy and not go out. Levy’s album used to be available at CD Baby but I guess it won’t be anymore since One Little Indian is releasing it. Which is good for them.

I don’t have anything planned for CMJ this year because I’m boring. Last year I spent that week seeing Magnet and even though no one cares besides me, I’m going to lament that he’s not here this year. So here I go….[commences lamenting mode].

Totally random: The Magic Numbers walk out of Top of the Pops after a “fat” comment. What does “fat melting pot of talent” mean? A large melting pot or a pot full of fat? …anyway. Weird comment, perhaps.

Lastly, Beck has more east coast tour dates but no more for the NYC area besides the Across the Narrows festival. I’m not jumping at the chance to go to NJ to see him play so I hope that’s not all the dates.

Barbara Morgenstern

I haven’t listened to Barbara Morgenstern in a while but she has a newish album out with Robert Lippok (of To Rococo Rot) called Tesri. You can listen to sound clips at Barbara’s slick flash homepage (flash I like = yay!). Labeling their music as “electronic” is extremely vague as there’s loads of crappy electronic music out there, of which this is not, but you either have an idea of what they sound like or…you don’t. The kind of electronic music I like is “bleepy, bloopy, clicky, doesn’t suck,” and if this helps, here’s one of Barbara’s songs that I really like from her album Fjorden:

Barbara Morgenstern – Mjisnjedschaz [removed]

I’m sure I’ll never remember how to spell that.

Lali Puna in Japan

If you like Lali Puna and Japan, then you will like Lali Puna’s Japan 2005 slideshow thinger!

Beck, The Notwist, STUFF

Beck - Hell Yes video
Unicorns are attacking Beck’s head

Watch the new colorful flashy Mumbleboy-esque video for “Hell Yes”:

Win Media | Real

The song is different from the leak, if you got to listen to it. I personally like the leaked one better but this one’s cool too. [via stereogum]

Other cool thing: new stuff by The Notwist! Found out from One Louder that the Notwist collaborated with Themselves (whom I’ve never heard before) under the name 13+God and made an album that’ll be coming out April 26th. You can download a song from music (for robots).

Lali Puna

Lali Puna - Faking the Books

I first heard of Lali Puna a few years ago when I started getting into Morr Music. For whatever reason I didn’t get into them despite that they sounded a lot like other musicians I like. Alliyah recommended Faking the Books and while ordering a crapload of books from Overstock for the new semester I dropped that CD in my shopping cart. 😉 Ah, Internet, source of impulse buying.

Since receiving the CD earlier this week I’ve listened to it a few times and I love it. Their music is electronic pop that isnt abstract but just different enough to be…well for me to feel like pointing it out. Many songs resemble the Notwist’s (one of the band members, Markus Acher, is from the Notwist) but with a female singer (Valerie Trebeljahr; ah how I love it when I enjoy a female singer’s voice).

They’ve got some media online so I won’t upload any MP3s. You can listen to all the songs at Morr Music (go to releases, the album is on the 4th page) and a few songs on Boomkat (has loads of song clips in a nice music player). I recommend the songs Faking the Books, Call 1-800 Fear, Micronomic, and Grin and Bear. Lali Puna’s website is cute and had some photos and a music video. I wish it weren’t flash, but at least the page works.

[In future entries you may hear me gripe about music sites that suck, as there are many. I say I hate flash but what I mean to say is that I hate flash when used in a situation that doesn’t require it, which is most of the time. I think flash works well for audio players, art portfolios, animations (no duh) and things like that but for text and anything people may want to easily refer to it’s a pain in the butt to have nothing to link to or to go to a page that automatically plays music [even if the music is good, sorry Lali Puna] when you don’t expect it to and so on, blah blah blah. Morr Music’s site is okay by me though, because it’s cute. Win me over with your cuteness!]