We Walked in Song

I got two new CDs in the mail today: Air’s “Pocket Symphony” and The Innocence Mission’s “We Walked in Song”. Since I put TIM’s album on first, I haven’t listened to Air’s yet. Because I really like the Innocence Mission.

I only just found out that they released a new album, at which point I screamed in agony for my role as a bad fan. Who doesn’t know when one of their favorite artists is coming out with a new album, right? Right. Well, I acted quickly, so it’s here now. And it’s as beautiful as all their other ones. You can listen to some clips at their myspace page, but some nice people have put up full mp3s, which is what I lived off of for a while until I got the album in the mail (and by “a while” I mean a few days). I like Love That Boy in particular because I relate to it in a pathetically funny way…or pathetically pathetic way…haven’t figured it out yet. For the time being it makes me laugh, but it’ll probably make me cry if I give it too much though.

Moving on.

vanilla macaron Is there anything especially innovative or new about TIM? Not really. But is there innovative or fresh about a vanilla macaron from Pierre Hermé? …Actually, that’s a bad comparison, but I think I have a point. The vanilla macaron is my favorite thing from Pierre Hermé—it’s no foie gras and chocolate, nor olive oil and vanilla, but its pure flavor shines through its simplicity and one bite is like feeling a light rush of fresh morning air, if the air were in the form of vanilla cream sandwiched between two egg white and almond flour-based cookies.

Karen Peris is my vanilla macaron. For my ears. Her voice is sweet, pure and simple like her band’s music. And it makes me really happy. TIM sometimes almost brings me to tears, like a really good macaron. Karen Peris makes writing heart-aching songs and singing all wispy and honest ook effortless, kind of like how Pierre Hermé constantly churns out delicious macarons like it’s noooo problem even though one else in the world can seem to make them as good as he can.

I know this comparison makes no sense if you don’t like macarons, especially if you don’t like TIM, but if you like both then YOU SHOULD TOTALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT.

[tumbleweed rolls by]

TIM is playing at Southpaw on April 21st. Although I haven’t bought tickets yet, I AM GOING, or else you will find me curled into a sad little ball on April 21st. If anyone wants to join in, let me know. (In other words, COME WITH.) Unfortunately I have no macarons to offer you.