I’m infantile. And that is my favorite album name of the year. Or longer. Anyone who has seen me in person more than a few times might notice that my favorite piece of clothing is a brown shirt that declares, “FOOD IN, POO OUT”. Why do I think that is so funny? Because! I have no brain. Anyway, the idea of pooing clouds amuses me greatly. What do clouds poo? Hail? Snow? Snow seems more like shaking out dandruff. Hail is like…painful. Okay, end thought.

Listen to clips from Final Fantasy’s album HE POOS CLOUDS (he poos clouds he poos clouds…okay I’ll stop) at dotshop and tomlab and probably other places.

To be honest, I’m not getting reallllly into his music. It’s his voice. I’m just. Not. Feeling it. However, I like everything besides the singing. (sigh) There’s nothing wrong with his voice, it’s just…voices are a crutch for me, which is why I sometimes prefer listening to instrumental music. When I love someone’s singing voice (Karen Peris, Even Johansen, other less important people), I know instantly, unlike how to split a bill, which no one should ever let me do. Something in my brain is paralyzed, but I still retain control of my bodily functions. Yeah. Know what I’m talking about?…

…Yeah, okay.

Still, I like the album title. …What’s that, you want me to repeat it? Okay.


I’m done.