Magnet in Boston

Check out Matt’s live Magnet review in Boston (with photos). It’s so nice to read a “Magnet”: review that is actually 1) written by a fan and 2) isn’t in Norwegian.

You know how sometimes you fall in love with someone’s voice and then you hear them live and you’re a little disappointed..? Yeah. That is the exact opposite of what happened with Magnet. That motherfucker can CROON. He sounded better live than he did on his CD’s, in my opinion.

I agree. …For the most part. Every time I’ve seen him, he’s sounded better than on his albums, but I’ve heard some of his live recordings that sound worse. Maybe the US gets lucky. 🙂

He’s playing this Saturday at Webster Hall, opening for Stars. It’s sold out, but there are probably tickets somewhere if you need one. I think “Janet”: has an extra. Magnet isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he’s my gigantic cup of tea (or since I’m not a bit tea fan, my gigantic bucket of “City Bakery hot chocolate”:

The Tourniquet

Magnet’s 3rd album, The Tourniquet, came out last Tuesday. I’ve already mentioned that I don’t like it as much as his previous albums, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. It’s just…different. I LISTENED TO IT A GAZILLION TIMES; I TRIED. Here are some recent reviews:

* “Transform Online”:
* “PopMatters”:
* “Eastern Echo”:
* “Spacelab”:
* “SouthCoast247”:

A “Hold On EP” will be available at his shows. Tracklisting:

# Hold On (radio edit)
# The Mute
# Good Mourning
# Grinder
# Hold On (Metronomy Remix)
# Hold On (Lindstrom Remix)

I gotta say…I dislike/hate most Magnet remixes. But the b-sides are nice.