“Magnet’s”:http://www.homeofmagnet.com latest album, “The Tourniquet”, is coming out in the US on February 7th. (It’s already been release in …most other big countries.) Nope, I don’t care that you don’t care! I’d think that anyone who really likes Magnet would’ve gotten his album already, so…so. I don’t know. To me, this means he might actually do some touring in the US in another three months. THREE MORE MONTHS. OKAY!

For no real reason, here are some “make Robyn happy” songs. (I’m Robyn, by the way. Hi.)

“Cut Copy”:http://www.cutcopy.net/ – Time Stands Still [removed]
“Mazarin”:http://www.mazarinband.com – The New American Apathy [removed]
“Håkan Hellström”:http://www.hakanhellstrom.com/ – Äntligen på väg [removed]

So download and possibly feel some happiness. Wee.