“Black Moth Super Rainbow”:http://www.blackmothsuperrainbow.com is a catchy band name, eh? …well, it’s interesting, and I wouldn’t say it fits or doesn’t fit the music they make from what I heard off their album “Start A People”. What is the music they make? Uh. Um. Dude, I can’t even describe _normal_ music. It’s not like this band’s music is _ab_normal, but…here’s what “Cycle Defrost”:http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/review.php?review=820&q has to say:

bq. Welcome to queasy listening… The intriguingly monikered Black Moth Super Rainbow manage to evoke the giddy sound of some imagined childhood, bathed in golden sunlight – spinning in circles until tumbling to the ground, eyes flickering back and forth in dizzy fits. It’s a feeling that’s part nausea and part euphoria, and is imbued with such manic optimism that it’s hard to resist the temptation to bliss out in its presence.

Yeah. See, I’d never come up with that. Would you like me to try? Fine.

bq. Listening to Black Moth Super Rainbow makes me feel like I’m watching some old educational film, grainy and rough, with desaturated colors. And then this vocoder-ed robot voice comes out of nowhere and I’m in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, circa 1970s, watching people ride that Astro Orbiter thing confusedly because the ride looks boring. And then weird bright splotches of color appear in my eyes and…my god, I must be dehydrated. Either that or someone slipped something in my water.

They’re kinda trippy with this weird, warm, retro sci-fi feel. But not really. Check out this song:

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Count Backwards To Black [removed]

They have more mp3s from on “their website”:http://www.blackmothsuperrainbow.com/mpthree.htm. Or perhaps I’ll just directly link to some here? OKAY:

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Trees And Colors And Wizards
Black Moth Super Rainbow – I Am the Alphabet

I like them, but I don’t know why.

You can buy their album from “Graveface Records”:http://www.graveface.com, which has a crapload of great artists that I’ve never heard of before and shall listen to, consume, and blog about some more. It might take a while since I digest music slowly, unlike “all that chocolate I ate this weekend”:http://flickr.com/photos/roboppy/sets/1352190/, which has formed a new subcutaneous layer of fat.

[Thanks Dominic for the recommendation!]