cover of We're Already There

When I listen to a new CD by an artist I’ve never listened to before and don’t know what to expect, the first thing that comes to my mind before even putting the CD in the CD tray is, “Don’t suck.” Or rather, “I hope I like this. Not that this would suck if I don’t like it. But still…don’t suck.” And then I wait for the first notes to play while clenching my teeth.

When the beginning of “New America Apathy” (download it at her jazz) by Mazarin came out of my crappy computer speakers in all its twinkly and drum-filled goodness, I felt…happy! Like so:


I’m sure you needed that visual. The rest of the album, We’re Already There (I & Ear Records), had the same impact. I couldn’t think of many good descriptions for the music besides a few boring words that popped into my head: pop, jangly, guitar-y, drum machines happy, like something from the ’60s…in a good way, the kind of stuff that will get stuck in your head, for better or worse.

Sorry, that sucked. Thankfully, there are lots of reviews online. Here’s a bit from Advanced Alternative Media:

bq. It is happy music, but not really carefree or cutesy at all…From atmospheric noises that occupy the background to a myriad of keyboards, drum sounds, guitars and effects, there is never a dull moment.

Yeah, sounds good. I liked this bit from her jazz:

bq. Mazarin would still prefer to float in through the window rather than crash right through your wall and the half stuttering / half steadied rhythm of this song sounds not unlike beatmatching gone awry, removing any heft from its social commentary.

Yup. Floating. Windows. That also sounds good. This music floats. FLOOOAAAAT! (Wow, that’s a weird word to look at all dragged out.)

They just played at Soundfix on Sunday and I wish I had gone. Or could’ve gone. Instead, I was bakery/food store-hopping, probably staring into the sugar depths of a cupcake while they were performing. Damn cake.

Thanks to Ice Cream Man for recommending Mazarin. (Now all I need is ice cream.) You might like them. So. GETTHEIRALBUMNOW! The end.