Just to keep track of things I might want to go to in the fall (and why isn’t anything going on NOW that I want to go to?! My music tastes are too limited):

* 9/12 or 9/13: Sigur Ros
* 9/15: Arcade Fire (highly doubtful)
* 9/21: Royksopp
* 9/26: BRMC
* 10/16 or 10/17: Franz Ferdinand (echoing Central Village: The Theater at MSG? Mrrh? NOOO! But they’re so good… BUT WHYYY!?)

I’ve seen these bands except for Arcade Fire. Something tells me I won’t need to see Royksopp again since I’ll be seeing them next week, but…mm. See what happens. As much as I’d like to see Arcade Fire, I think I’m giving up before tickets even go on sale. I’M SO LAZY.

Today someone messaged me asking if I knew anything about Plone’s whereabouts. Nope. They might be dead, but I hope not. I first heard Plone’s wonderfully bleepy bloopy happy videogame-esque childlike electronic music during the intermission between Beth Orton and Beck at his concert in Boston on February 11, 2000, aka my first real Beck concert (I went to a Beck show a few months before that but it was a TV show taping), aka the worst concert experience I ever had for some reason. Here’s a photo taken before the age of “when I had a digital camera”:

a bit far

I guess I was surrounded by zombies and moving lights.

OH, back to Plone. I remembered their songs for ages after the show was over, mainly “Top & Low Rent” from their album For Beginner Piano. The friend who came with me to the show found out who the band was and put “Bibi Plone” on a mixtape for me (mixtapes?…god, I feel old). And magicalness ensued. You can find a bunch of reviews for their album if you search for it but there aren’t many fansites out there, probably because they have ONE ALBUM, a few singles and a smattering of other releases. I made a crappy one a few years ago (hard to read, crappy layout, blindingly pink; thus was the beginnings of my website making) and the first one I saw was at movingunits.com (creator of beck.com). The last time i updated my site was when I heard they were making a new album, which was years ago. Hmmm.

So here are some songs that aren’t from their debut album. If you like these songs, you SHOULD get their album. Yes? Yes. If you don’t like these songs, don’t tell me because I will think you kind of suck.

Plone – Tricky Disco: okay, this isn’t actually Plone but it’s one of my favorite songs, whether remix or not [removed]
Plone – Plaything: Happy things bouncing around. Can either be really cute or semi-nightmare-ish. [removed]

The popular CMS Plone is named after Plone. Don’t a gazillion people use Plone? Do they not wonder about the origins of the name Plone and where the three guys (Mike Bainbridge, Mark Cancellara, and Michael Johnston) that make up Plone are up to now? Making Plone-y music? Snuggling puppies? Eating chocolate bars? WHY DOES NO ONE KNOW?

Okay, I’m done being weird. (Well, not really…I’ll just go be weird in another blog.)

Actually, I’m not done. If you like Plone, here are my recommendations for artists that kind of sound like Plone but don’t, because nothing really does:

* E*Vax
* Lineland
* Mum
* Console
* B. Fleischmann
* Ilkae
* Phonem
* Solvent
* Satellite Grooves