Bjork in Drawing Restraint 9

Not keeping up with Bjork news = bad. She’s in Matthew Barney’s new film, Drawing Restraint 9, for which she also composed the soundtrack of (release date: July 25th). There are sound clips at the bottom of this page.’s description of the soundtrack’s music:

Björk has written a suite of haunting music for the sho, one of the oldest instruments in Japanese culture with seventeen reeds and fifteen distinct pipes. It is performed by Mayumi Miyata, one of the world’s foremost sho players. Björk also worked with scholars of the Noh theatre to produce new musical settings, incorporating the low, growling vocal techniques of traditional Japanese court entertainment.

And of the film:

She also features in the film, together with Matthew, where they together tell a tale of tea ceremonies, vaseline, a shinto marriage and of course the old classic whale-shapeshifting ending. I mean, who can forget back in the days when Greta Garbo swam off into the sunset as a humpback whale? It still brings a sentimental tear to my eye.

Humpback whales? YES!