Håkan Hellström is a popular Swedish musician whom I’ve been listening to for the past few years since Morten told me about him. Even though I have absolutely no idea what his songs are about, I love them. Most of the songs sound happy (even though he could be singing about dead zombie squirrels, although I doubt it) and there’s something special about his voice. I don’t know how others describe his music since there’s isn’t much about him in English (I’d make an English website about him but there’d be almost nothing on it) but I’d describe his singing as “extremely exuberant shouting”. I’m not kidding; sometimes while listening to him I’m driven to sing in my own made up hackneyed “Swederish” (I just made that word up) to take part in whatever is making Håkan sound so goddamn happy. It wasn’t long before I got his album “Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg”, which came out in 2000 (somewhat sure it was purchased from amazon.com although I don’t recall paying $45 for it). Try this song out:

Håkan Hellström – Ramlar [removed]

See what I mean? Yes/no? He’s got a new single up: En midsommarnattsdröm [via it’s a trap!]. Sounds fun, and along with everything else he has won’t be readily available in the US. But hey, that’s what the Internet is for.