cover of Bavarian Fruit Bread

Last night before going to bed I listened to Hope Sandoval’s Bavarian Fruit Bread to ease the “going back to school” dread (my classes start tomorrow). It worked for the time period I listened to her music. Laid back, breathy, and to rip from almost cool’s review, “every word drifts out in a hazy, seductive sort of way.” Listening to this album could erase all evidence of outside distractions, making you feel like you’re floating on a cloud through fog. So you’re basically swimming in tiny water droplets suspended in the air. …yup. That’s what this album does to me, at least. And it lessens the pain of having a roommate who leaves the TV on 99% of the time she’s in the room. I can’t find any mp3s online so hopefully posting one song won’t piss anyone off:

Hope Sandoval – Drop [removed]

If you like that song, the whole album sounds pretty much like that. It’s a good thing.

Although I’ve heard of them, I’m not familiar with Mazzy Star (lots of mp3 clips there), the band Hope was/is, so I have to give them a listen. Someone told me that one of my songs reminded him of Mazzy Star but after listening to Hope’s singing…I can’t imagine it. Yeah, I wish I sounded like her! It was a nice comment though.