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Kings of Convenience in Singapore

This is random, but I thought I’d share this very sweet review of “Kings of Convenience”: in Singapore (with photos):

Kellynn’s review of kings of convenience – mosaic music festival ’06, singapore

They’re one of the best live bands ever. From my concert experience, they’re the cutest, funniest, most endearing…dammit, they’re awesome. I regret not going to both of their shows when they were in NYC last year. …I went to one. ONE IS NOT ENOUGH.

Franz Ferdinand in Singapore

Check out “lots of photos and commentary of Franz Ferdinand in Singapore”: Pretty cooooool.

“ALEX KAPRANOS ANG GUWAPO MO!!!” — Translation: Alex Kapranos, you are so handsome

Reminder: Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab for Cutie (with The Cribs opening) are playing at Hammerstein Ballroom April “13th”: and “14th”: I shall gooo.

[thanks “Luis”:]