cover of Skeleton Jar

I’ve been listening to the song “Skeleton Jar” by Australian band Youth Group for a few days now and it’s gotten to the point where I’ve decided that I really like it but if I listen to it too much I might get bored of it or dislike it. Maybe. As of right now, I still like it. It’s the kind of song that’ll make you want to toss your bags and twirl around and stare at the sky and …wait, maybe that’s just me.

They have the song and music video on their site so check it out (it’s in flash, doesn’t that excite you? HAHAHA! I mean, the website isn’t bad at all, but I tend to dislike flash sites that I feel don’t have to be made in flash). I think you can also download the song at Epitaph Records. Their album Skeleton Jar is coming out on May 24th, unless you live in Australia, in which case it came out last year. We can be a bit slow on the other side of the world/hemisphere…

On a totally unrelated note, Flickr has changed their account policies with double the bandwidth limits for free and pro accounts. I never even got close to the 1 GB limit despite uploading craploads of photos but mine aren’t high on the megapixel scale. If you like taking photos and sharing them with people, I highly recommend Flickr. It’s become a bit of an obsession (I wouldn’t mind taking more music-related photos but I don’t go to concerts nearly as often as I come across food).