“Hey, I’m going to play something,” said Erin last Wednesday, taking charge of office DJ duties. “It might be a little weird…”

First, there was nothing. Then the sounds slowly built up. Repetitive sounds that were somewhat lulling and at the same time irritating. I couldn’t tell whether I liked it or disliked it.

Me: What is this?
Erin: Dan Deacon. I thought it sounded “boppy” (“boppy” is one of my nicknames—really, my boss calls me that sometimes)

She played NPR’s stream of his upcoming album, Bromst, all the way through. And I quite like it. Muchly. I was surprised because I tried listening to Dan Deacon before and his music was just on the edge between “stuff I like” and “WTF is this.” Similar to the effect that Merriweather Post Pavillion had on my opinion of Animal Collective, It took a more accessible album to cross over into the dimension of “like.” After listening to the album a few times, I realized that I wanted to take pieces of Dan’s brainmeats and stick them in my brain so I could harness whatever power he has, if that were physically possible and not an endangerment to either of our lives, besides that I’d also need his permission. So many barriers. What a shame.

But then even if I had his brainmeats, I’d probably waste the potential awesomeness that could come out of them. He’s putting them to use; I’m staring at my monitor.


Dan Deacon – Build Voice]

A week later, I’m still obsessively listening to the album. Not sure how long this will last—getting to that critical point of “OH GOD I LISTENED TO THIS SO MANY TIMES I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE” is a sad inevitability. Hopefully that point won’t come for a while.