It would probably help if I gave you an mp3 to go with the last entry. Here she is:


Animal Collective – In The Flowers

While “My Girls” was the first song I latched onto as “MUST…LISTEN…5 TIMES IN A ROW,” “In The Flowers” is now my favorite song of the album. Mostly the part around the 2:30 mark. I don’t think of many things as “beautiful,” but that’s…what it is. In my mind. But in my mind it also makes me think of explosions. Not bad explosions, but happy ones, like if someone shot a cannon full of cupcakes. Or something.

On a random housekeeping note, I just upgraded my WordPress from something from the dinosaur age to 2.7. My template is unfortunately a tad wonky now, something that I’ll correct…eventually. When it’s not almost 2 a.m. As you can see, I rarely update this blog anymore (no time for music anymore = sadness), but I figure I should keep it because it’s my only WordPress blog and thus my only vehicle for learning how to use it. It seems like a useful skill to have as a professional (er, I use that term loosely) blogger who doesn’t want to only know how to use Movable Type.

I really ought to listen to more music though. 🙁