He has a guitar

In just a little over half an hour, I had Metro North-ed my way out of the city into the cute, cozy streets of Tarrytown. First (and only) stop: ANDREW BIRD.  Andrew Bird in all his solo stripy socked glory, effortlessly building loop upon loop of plucky violin strings, or non-plucky, or guitar, or whistling, or xylophone, or hand clapping. And don’t forget about his singing.  Where does such a warm and comforting voice come from?  How could a mere mortal do all of the above?  Hooooow?

OH SWEET JESUS, I LOVE YOU, ANDREW BIRD. And even though nothing could’ve been better than his show at Union Hall, Tarrytown Music Hall made for a lovely venue. I got to sit down! Like whoa. I’m so accustomed to sitting down all day that standing for a few hours would probably kill my feet. My old age is catching up to me.

Of course, if I had to stand the show still would’ve been a million kinds of awesome.

He played a bunch of new songs that I can’t remember.  And some older ones.  But everything sounds new again when he goes at them in a live, solo setting.  He morphs melodies you thought you knew into something else.  THEY ARE REBORN! …Without messy amniotic fluid.

Sandro Perri
Sandro Perri

Unbeknownst to be beforehand, Sandro Perri was the opener. It was somewhat exciting for me since I’m a fan of his music as Polmo Polpo, but I was unfamiliar with his acoustic material of guitar + singing + bass drum. Not sure what I like better; it’s all rather good.