Hey…uh…how’s it going?

I keep thinking that I can’t keep this blog going, or I can’t seem to update it more than once a month. But there’s no point in killing a site that I’m already paying for (I run all my sites under the same account.) And if anyone happens to stumble upon my monthly (or sometimes bi-weekly) brainfart, then…okay.

I’ve actually been listening to a lot of music lately, something that takes a bit of time away from writing about it. Not that I really “write” as much as “brainfart.” You might be better off going to these other blogs that share some very good qualities: 1) They update multiple times a month/week, 2) They post a lot of mp3s, and 3) I like them:

  1. BiBaBiDi
  2. Superlaser (100 points for the animated gif in this entry, which has the ability to amuse me for a disturbingly long period of time)
  3. Discodust
  4. Disco Workout
  5. Redthreat

I sense a theme. Um.

I spent the last month of last year getting into “stuff you can dance to,” which is a big change from my previous preference of “stuff you can sleep to.” I still listen to the sleepy stuff; I just even it out with the non-sleepy stuff. Only problem is that there’s a thin line between “dance music I like” and “dance music that makes me want to gouge my eyes out, which doesn’t make sense because you don’t listen to music with your eyes, but the pain of stabbing my eyes would detract from the pain of listening to something semi-unbearable,” which is why I sift through blog after blog, listening to god knows how many songs, and find a few gems from a bucketload of digital goo, which somehow makes it worth staying up until 2AM every day wasting my time on the Internet. (I think that was a run-on. Forgive me.)

Here are some of the gems:

Minitel RoseValerie Côte Ouest

The PresetsMy People

(Copy is the only artist here that I’ve listened to a lot. A lot-lot. I have yet to find anyone else who listens to him with the same frequency. If you want to change that, you should get his albums. Weeee.)

Adam SkyApe-X

You get 4 songs. Yup, that’s it. TOODLES.