Closer…to Cooper Union?

It’s mainly Fran’s voice that makes me smile, but the whole band is…pretty important, last time I checked. So! Travis makes me smile. Watch the video for Closer, the first single off their upcoming album, The Boy With No Name coming out on May 10th [via torr]:

My thoughts while watching the video:

  • Supermarket…oookay
  • Damn, I really don’t want to work in a supermarket. Again. (My first job was bagging at Stop & Shop in high school)
  • Fran…is a giant chipmunk? This is a weird supermarket.
  • …This song is very pretty.
  • Aw, everyone is like, HAPPY AND STUFF, and full of so much joy, they have forgotten the suckiness of being in a supermarket!!! Fran’s singing heals all emotional wounds. Wow.
  • Fran is sweeping his arms around. Why that makes me happy, I don’t know.
  • Aha…pwnd.
  • Muzak kills everything.
  • Kissing between random young peeps feels oddly serious for me. Should’ve just stuck with hugging. Yay! Hugs!
  • I want a happy hug.
  • …Now I am filled with sadness.

I didn’t say they were deep thoughts or anything.

Most of Travis’s videos are great, not in the groundbreaking sense but in the “it will make you smile and maybe laugh a bit” sense. Which is good for those times when you realize life sucks. …Which is most of the time. Especially when, after listening to this song, I thought about who I have in my life that I wouldn’t mind leaning on. Or rather, wouldn’t mind me leaning on them and crushing them with my lead-like density (yes, I’m thinking of the physical sense of leaning on someone, not the…I dunno, mental lean-age). And there are very few people who fit that description. It’s possible that I could gain more of these people, but I think I’m more likely to lose the ones I have now.

In conclusion, woo Travis!