Okay, I’m already making another post…why?

MAGNET. The artist that I love dearly, that few other people care about…(okay, that’s not true, but his fans aren’t concentrated in the US so being a Magnet fanatic can feel lonely).

I’m not a horrible webmaster; I just don’t get much info. So while randomly looking at website stats, I found some news about his upcoming album. It’s coming out on March 26th (in Norway, at least) and will be called “The Simple Life”…which I don’t know if I can get used to since it just reminds me of the reality TV show. But. Well. [shrugs]

You can listen to one of his new songs, “Lonely No More”, at sonybmg.no. The song is rather upbeat and happy feeling, which is good…right? Even if I absolutely love his depressing stuff? I WANT DEPRESSION! Give to me.

I mean…this is lovely. I’m not used to it yet, but I suppose I will be after I play it a gazillion times. Wee!

Oh, on second thought this song actually is depressing because it reminds me of my loneliness. Sweet! I feel better now.