Oh Mandy video
it buuurns

Last night I felt like I needed a happy brain-wooshy song. I looked through my some-thousand mp3 library and couldn’t decide what to listen to.

..And then something random in the dusty cobwebbed part of my brain said, “The Spinto Band has a fun song, yes?” And I replied, “Uh, I dunno.” Because I didn’t remember from the handful of times I had heard their music. Then I make my way to their myspace page and listen to “Oh Mandy” about 20 times in a row because, indeedio, it made me happy.

I loves me some lilting mumbly singing. Truly.

Then I thought that they must have a spiffy music video to go with it. Thankfully, they do, stop-motiong animation and all:

And like any good Internet-happy band, they have a blog to make stalking easier.