I haven’t actually bought Beck’s new album “The Information” yet, but I’ve been listening to it for a few days. (DO NOT ASK HOW. SECRET INFORMATION.) I will buy it eventually, like after I stop caring that it costs $10 on amazon.com and 16€ at amazon.fr.

The Information
The Information

Why isn’t the CD in my possession yet? Sadly, the videos and songs that have been popping up on his website until the release of the album didn’t catch much of my attention. The trend with Beck albums for the past few years is that my interest in them has decreased. Don’t ask me why. (I maintain my beck fansite somewhat half-assed…oh well.) However, I do like his new album, even more so because of the videos that I had initially written off as “…huh?”

screen cap
happy fun times

That’s what’s nice about em. They’re random. Lo-fi. Weird. Download them all courtesy of ShotsRingOut.com. Right now I’m watching the video for “New Round” (one of my favorite songs so far) and it’s just a bunch of friends hanging out. With instruments. Wearing random clothing. In settings accentuated by fake backdrops and houseplants. I also like this video in particular because it doesn’t have any effects aside from fading in and out. It’s a video you could make with your friends if you have a lot of em…and if they’re a bit odd. (Who likes normal people anyway? Psshaw.)

Beck described the video making process to Celebrity Week:

We bought a couple of video cameras, set them up in the same room, one of them had the green piece of paper and people just sort of stopped by. We had a whole side room full of wigs and toy rifles and a bunch of nonsense [like] spacesuits … There is something in these that is sort of awkward and unprofessional and charming.

It gives me a nice, warm feeling. Mmm. But I can’t wait to see the Michel Gondry video for “Cell Phone’s Dead”.