A friend told me that Mew and Magnet were playing at Bowery Ballroom. Huuuh. So I take a lookie at the calendar and for November 3rd I see…a show with a gazillion artists (for the CMJ music marathon) including Mew and Magnet. What the shizz? WHAT IS THIS MONSTROSITY?

I mean, I’d love to go, even if they only played 2 songs each. Or one. Or none. I’d just want to be in their presence.



Update (10/14): Nevermind, Magnet isn’t playing for CMJ or opening for Imogen Heap beacuse he’s finishing his new album. I guess that’s a valid reason. :\

I’d also want to go to Brooklyn Vegan’s CMJ showcase at Pianos on November 1st. It’s free! And I’d love to see Loney, Dear (actually, that is the only artist in the lineup I’m really interested in). Download some Loney, Dear mp3 clips (or listen at myspace). It took me a while to get into Solonge, but it’s…lovely. So. Yes. That’s all I can come up with. CJ gave me the CD sometime during the summer without explanation. I listened; I liked. That’s how we roll.