poster Damn you, weegies! There are so few films I’m interested in seeing and then you make one that…I’m interested in seeing! But I probably won’t get to see It’a Hard To Be a Rock’n Roller (via it’s a trap), coming out on September 1st in Norway, unless you play it somewhere I can see it and give it English subtitles.

Actually, I’d be willing to see it without the subtitles and just pretend I understand the Norwegian.

It’s not just hard to be a rock ‘n roller. Some of us [points to self] are helpless and could use some inspiration. Here’s the synopsis (from the Norwegian Film Institute):

A documentary about the music group Merkesteinane from Volda in the region of Sunnmøre. The group consists of mentally challenged individuals. The band has ten members – all of them with distinct personalities, abilities and, not least,
with widely differing ambitions. Eight of them are disabled, two are participating leaders; Øivind and Jostein. With generosity, cheerfulness and love of music, the band has survived for 11 years. They have become an odd social and cultural institution in the Volda district.

You can watch the trailer on the official site or with Quicktime (via twitchfilm).