I went to Platekompaniet today in the main square in Bergen and ended up listening to a bagillion CDs. You can listen to any CD in the store since they’re actually all store in drawers behind the counter and only the jewel cases are on display. Morten first recommended this Kim Hiorthøy album to me:

guess what “MELKE” means!

Some years ago I randomly got Hopeness and didn’t really like it. For whatever reason, I liked Melke immediately. If not for the 169 kr pricetag, I would’ve gotten it there. (169 kr is about $27.) His music is a bucket of clicky glitchy electronic-y fun stuff, ye know? Yup.

The nice guy behind the counter was really helpful and kept giving Diana and me more albums to listen to. 🙂 While most weren’t exactly my cup of tea (“Electric Violence” by Next Life, was probably the strangest one, in that it was…really experimental?), I really liked Pooka by Lars Horntveth.


I had been interested in the album every since it came out a few years ago, but I never got around to actually buying it. Giving the whole thing a quick listen-through helped…although I could’ve done that earlier on Bleep (which also has Melke) if I so desired. OOPS. Oh well, you can do it now:

Lastly, here’s where I was the other day:




down the moutain we go

Insane, I tell ya.