really small tigers, or giant human?

I’ve been listening to Ian Love a lot lately, although by “a lot” I mean whatever’s on his myspace page since I don’t actually own his album. Yet. It’s only $10, less than what I spend on transportation for a work day, so I don’t have much excuse. By the time I finish this entry, I’ll have bought the album. Which reminds me, I have to pay credit card bills.

Even though I’m not a big fan of babies, I think the accompanying baby photos on Ian’s myspace page influence my opinions about his songs in a positive way. “Aw, babies…hey, this song is nice.” Maybe babies like his soft, sleepy, shuffling acoustic-y songs about lovey dovey things. Listening to his songs is very comforting and almost makes me feel like I’m sitting outside under a cool night sky and not in my humid room with the lights turn off because any excessive light will only exacerbate my sweat glands.

Yeah, I should just turn on a fan.

The only lyric so far that makes me go “Hmm?” is when he says, “As the stars jump side to side.” Why are these stars jumping? Are you nauseous? Is someone shaking you violently? I guess I’m taking things too literally. Thankfully, I don’t write songs; “As the stars stayed put because according to my astronomy textbook they shouldn’t be moving,” isn’t very heartwarming.

Listen to all his songs. They’re lovely. And feature different baby photos.

I wish I were that baby. Oh well.