It might be a good thing that I can’t understand the lyrics to “Rosor & Palmblad” by Kent. (Because it’s in Swedish…yes, I do know English at the very least.) Sometimes I like songs less once I actually figure out what they mean. I’m weird; don’t ask. (If you do know what the song means, don’t tell me. Unless it’s really cool or something.) But I love the song to death, and since I don’t know what it means I can make up my own meaning. TAKE THAT…SWEDEN.

don’t look at me–I didn’t design the cover

If you haven’t heard their album, Du & Jag Döden, you are missing out. A lot.

So here’s that song I like:


Kent – Rosor & Palmblad

It took me a few listens to appreciate it. Maybe I like the key changes. Or the lilting-ness. Or the twinkles. Or horns. Or all the “ahhh”-ing. I hope one of these things appeals to you. Or maybe you just like the way Swedish sounds.

I am officially going to Bergen, Norway from June 8-16 with D. I wasn’t planning to do any music-related things there, but I should probably look that stuff up.